Monday, March 21, 2011


I am deeply in love with Tom Ford's Nikita sunglasses.

I first saw them in the August 2010 edition of French Vogue. I've always been a fan of cat-eye anything (glasses, sunglasses, makeup, etc.), so it's no surprise that I liked them immediately, but there's something far more elegant about this pair than in other cheaper renditions.

They appear to be quite popular with celebrities, which normally is of little to no consequence to me, since I do not look to contemporary celebrities for anything, particularly fashion inspiration--BUT I do have a very soft spot for Scarlett Johansson, and she has also been spotted wearing them.

This, of course, now makes me want them even more.

The issue is that they're running about $360 retail, maybe $230-250 on ebay and other websites. If memory serves me correct, the most expensive item I've ever purchased was my Betsey Johnson prom dress, which cost about $170 (it was greatly discounted and required a little altering). I shudder at the mere thought of spending nearly double that for a pair of sunglasses. I've been combing the internet for knockoffs or cheap look-alikes, but to no avail. At the present moment, though, I have no need for sunglasses: the weather in New York has been consistently rainy and overcast, with one or two warm, sunny days to tease us. I cannot wait for spring.

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