Friday, June 17, 2011

Mean Streets

My past few weeks have been defined by work, hence the lack of posts. The school year is ending soon, however, so there will be less jobs and more free time. As for now...

mean streets1

On this day, Noel and I lazily wandered into the Meat Packing District, where we found a deliciously unique, if not overpriced, ice cream truck that boasted flavors such as Earl Grey, Red Current, and Giandujia (a mixture of hazelnut and chocolate; I know, I had never heard of it either). It was delightful.
Also, you may be thinking that wearing tights and boots in June means either I have an underactive thyroid or I'm simply deranged, but I assure you, the weather that day was abnormally chilly and blustery (as evidenced by my billowing skirt). The weather in New York has been proving to be quite erratic...

mean streets 2

mean streets3

mean streets4

mean streets8

Dress: Vintage from No Relation, an amazing vintage shop in the East Village that everyone should visit. (Thank you to Claire for unintentionally turning me on to the store)
Boots: DSW
Ring: H&M

We later visited the Met with the intention of seeing the Alexander McQueen exhibit, among other things. Turns out there's a 45 minute wait just to get into the exhibit, so we judiciously decided to skip it. It ultimately worked out in our favor, because we saw this exhibition instead, which was probably better.

mean streets5
Noel and homoerotic Roman ass

mean streets6

mean streets7

More posts to come.


  1. You mean the dress? Thank you either way! :)

  2. I simply adore your style and have serious hair envy!

    xo Teresa

  3. Thank you Teresa! The hair is such a pain to upkeep, though.