Friday, April 15, 2011

A House on the Heights

Perhaps not surprisingly, Brooklyn Heights is one of my favorite NY neighborhoods, further romanticized in my mind by the arrival of spring, warm weather, and tree blossoms. Noel attends school in the area, so I have an excuse to constantly drop by, wander around, and admire.
These pictures are from a recent venture into the area. We met up with our friend Kelsey, got falafel, and cooed over nearly every dog we saw (a considerable number--BK Heights is an especially dog-friendly neighborhood).

While trespassing into someone's lawn (I use the term loosely) in order to admire their blossoms, Noel thought it a good idea to snap my picture.

 Of course, we ended the day with cupcakes.

Dress and turtleneck: F21
Mary Janes: Payless
Tights: We Love Colors

This is a short post, but I have mac & cheese waiting for me in the kitchen, so I must make haste.


  1. mac and cheese obviously takes priority over blogging.

    you have the prettiest skin, i swear! and i love the color of those tights.

  2. That second picture is tres cutay!

    ...Ask Noel.

  3. That's awesome! (about the nickname, hah)
    And thanks for the follow.

    I love this outfit. The tights are so Twiggy and make the outfit really pop.