Friday, April 22, 2011

Winter Sun

Skirt: UO
Top and Blazer: H&M
Shoes: DSW

These shoes recently had beer spilled on them. RIP Aldo Shoes, 2011-2011. You served Noel well.

Slacks: American Apparel
Striped crew neck: Club Monaco
Oxford: Thrifted
Now defunct shoes: Aldo

That was a horribly cold day that began benignly, with bright sun and tepid breezes. Then it dropped suddenly and I was left shivering like a fool in my not-very-warm blazer. How much longer could winter possibly last?!? Noel says I complain too much about the weather, but I can't help but be hyper-sensitive to it, seeing as how temperatures below 60 degrees are still a novelty to me.

Am I the only one who quite likes Lady Gaga's new track, "Judas"? I'll be the first to admit that she is often annoying, pompous, and holds a ridiculous overinflated opinion of herself and the merit of her work--but damn it, some of her music is irresistibly catchy, in a very fresh, pop-y way. I've even taken to listening to Z100 in the car in the hopes of hearing "Judas." Obviously, it's not very popular...

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  1. Why hasn't Noel posted that to lookbook?